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core strengths

More than 10 years of high-end precision linear transmission family of professional supply

坐拥专业研发团队 打造无人能及的核心优势

Three core strengths

Comprehensive strength

CSK comprehensive strength

▽ Provide environmental and reliability test equipment solutions, and create and cost-effective products based on customer's actual situation
▽ Using CATIA 3D design software
▽ Introduce ERP management system
▽ Introducing Bystronic laser cutting machine, CNC shearing machine, Accurpress CNC bending machine
▽ Complete spraying production line
▽ Build a unique library plate foam production line
▽ A must-have 27m long span heavy-duty crane that is necessary for the production of large walk-in test chambers

StrongProfessional strength

Strong professional strength

▽Products and technologies are widely used in military and industrial enterprises, aerospace industry, electronic information industry, automotive and rail transit industry, shipbuilding industry Siemens, Sany Heavy Industry, AVIC Institute of Radar and Electronic Equipment, ZF, Midea, Würth, etc. Well-known enterprises at home and abroad.
▽ Has a group of experienced R&D, production, installation and after-sales teams

Perfectservice system

Perfect service system

▽ Provide a complete technical solution
▽ Fast response speed
▽ Long-term cooperation with professional logistics partners, shorten delivery time
▽ Unique 3 free service support system allows you to choose worry-free
▽ 01Free onsite technical guidance
▽ 02Free on-site installation
▽ 03Free Technical Information Download Service

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  东莞某某传动科技有限公司 东莞某某传动科技有限公司源自台湾技术的CSK品牌,专业生产精密线性传动系列产品,并由一群专精于精密传动原件的研发、制造与品质保证领域,有着资深经验与雄厚实力的台湾技术团队组成。 我们引进了国外先进的精密设备与技术,能够量产行走精度小于0.003毫米的精密直线导轨和滚珠丝杆的合格制造商之一。产品广泛的用于精密机床、半导体设备、自动化设备、医疗设备与航太等领域。 东莞某某,能够量产行走精度小于0.003毫米的精密直线导轨和滚珠丝杆的合格制造商之一。产品广泛的用于精密机床、半导体设备、自动化设备、医疗设备与航太等领域。 东莞某某,能够量产行走精度小于0.003毫米的精密直线导轨和滚珠丝杆的合格制造商之一。产品广....

power of attorney

power of attorney

Common problem



湿热箱是一款可靠性测试设备湿热箱适用于电工、电子、仪器仪表及其它产品、零部件及材料在高低温交变湿热环境下贮存、运输、使用时的适应性试验; 湿热箱是各类电子、电工、电器、塑胶等原材料和器件进行耐寒、耐热、耐湿、耐干性试验及品管工程的可靠性测试设备; 湿热箱特别适用于光纤、LCD、晶体、电感、PCB、电池、电脑、手机等产品的耐高温、耐低温、耐潮湿循环试验。箱体结构.湿热箱采用进口温湿度控制器...

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